Engineered for An Attractive, Durable Exterior Finish

EnduraWal(TM) from Fullerton Finish Systems is a reinforced cement board product, distinctive acrylic stucco finish coat.  EnduraWal(TM) is designed with a base coast, fiberglass mesh and strong polymer finish, ensuring you a great look that wont break, shift or crack.

The Fullerton Finish Systems Advantage...

  • Installs Easily -- no specialist subcontractors are required
  • Wide choice of color and textures -- custom matches possible
  • Available in lacy patterns including wormtrail or standard handfloat
  • You are free to design the look you want - at a price you can afford
  • Easy and quick installation by your crew - quicker project completion
  • To obtain architectural distinction you can incorporate other products offered by Fullerton Finish Systems onto the same panel, or add special Shapes

EnduraWal(TM) For Great Exteriors

EnduraWal(TM) is engineered for durability because the substrate is compressed fiber reinforced cement board.  You can easily add architectural features to achieve design objectives. EnduraWal(TM) is made for an intensive-use facility.  Panelized, EnduraWal(TM) gives you flexibility for fast, easy erection.

The Fullerton Finish Systems Advantage

What is the Fullerton Finish Systems advantage?  It is the combination of experience and superior service.  Our skilled architectural and engineering staff will assist you with the detailed information on attachments and erection.  With EnduraWal(TM) from Fullerton Finish Systems, you get durability, speed and your desired look.






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